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Frosted laserjet film-JG8
Product Name: Frosted laserjet film-JG8
Product Code: 5241581016
Product Type: Laserjet Film Series →
Products Brief: Laserjet printing on the frosted side. Single /double matte. Single matte with other side coated with protective coating. Excellent toner adhesion. High density. Anti-static. Heat resistance.
Waterproof performance
smooth, single-sidedly printable
Regular Size
  • (Sheet)
  • A4 (21cm X 29.7cm)
  • A3 (29.7cm X 42cm)

  • 20 sheets/bag
  • 50 sheets/bag
  • 100 sheets/bag
neutral plastic bags, then packed in carton.
Remark: Customized sizes and thickness are available, please contact us for details..

Specially treated frosted side, not reduce film's transmission during printing down, high density, printed graph stick very firmly and can't be scraped off. 

Unique laserjet coating, providing precise and perfect printing performance for the whole page. 

Heat-setting treatment during production results in excellent heat stability. Changes of film's size are very tiny after printed by laserjet printers. It's very beneficial for multi-color registration.

Our coating contains specific anti-static materials, printing performance keeps stable at various temperature and humidity. 

Double-sided coating better protects drum and helps to extend drum's life. 

Suitable for keeping for long time.

Supporting various laserjet printers.

Environment-friendly coating doesn't give off any harmful smell on printing.

The cost of film and printing is far less than traditional laser phototypesetting film.

All operations are done in light room, darkroom and developing process are omitted, no wastewater produced, convenient, and save cost for customers.

Typical applications:



Plate making for offset printing.

Screen offset printing / Plate making for screen printing (including multi-color registration).

Mold carving.

Office printing.

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