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Transparent inkjet film for plate making-(PM8-1)
Product Name: Transparent inkjet film for plate making-(PM8-1)
Product Code: 5220485916
Product Type: Inkjet Film Series → Non water-proof
Products Brief: Special high ink-absorbing coating for water-based ink, transparent, stick firmly on substrate (PET), providing precise screen dots, very hard to be scrubbed off, last for long time, for inkjet plate making in different sizes.
Waterproof performance
not waterproof
single micro-frosted, single-sidedly printable
Regular Size
  • (Sheet)
  • A4 (21cm X 29.7cm)
  • A3 (29.7cm X 42cm)
  • Letter (8.5'' x 11'')
  • US B (11'' x 17'')

  • 20 sheets/bag
  • 50 sheets/bag
  • 100 sheets/bag
neutral plastic bags, then packed in carton.

0.297m x 30m / 11.7'' x 100'
0.43m x 30m / 17'' x 100'
0.61m x 30m / 24'' x 100'
0.66m x 30m / 26'' x 100'
0.77m x 30m / 30.3'' x 100'
0.83m x 30m / 32.7'' x 100'
0.914m x 30m / 36'' x 100'
1.118m x 30m / 44'' x 100'
1.27m x 30m / 50'' x 100'
1.54m x 32m / 60.6'' x 105'
1.62m x 32m / 63.8'' x 105'

1 roll/carton  
Remark: Customized sizes and thickness are available, please contact us for details..

Automatic sheets feeding characteristic. The ink-absorbing layer is provided with special micro-frosted characteristics which doesn't reduce transparency, while enhance friction of the film surface, eliminate stickiness between films. So films don't stick to each other even under huge pressure or in damp environment. Just like paper, dozens of films are placed in the feeder of the printer and can be feeded into printer sequencially without manual intervention or paper jam. Meanwhile higher friction on the film surface increases film's feeding precision within printers, thus provide more precise registration. 

Additional adhesive layer between ink-absorbing layer and substrate (PET), greatly enhance the binding capacity between the ink-absorbing layer and substrate (PET). The ink-absorbing layer doesn't break off from film under tearing of adhesive tape. 

The ink-absorbing layer is provided with high penetrability, ink penetrate deeply into the layer after drying, so the printed graph is well protected and very hard to be scrubbed off even by hard articles.

Excellent ink fixation, prevent ink dots on the film from spreading, extend storage time of printed graph. 

Transparent as traditional laser phototypesetting films. 

Density of output screen dots and solid is high enough for printing down, operation are similar to laser phototypesetting film in the course of printing down.

All operations are done in light room, darkroom and developing process are omitted, no wastewater produced, convenient, and save cost for customers.

The cost of film and printing is far less than traditional laser phototypesetting film.

Typical applications:



By textile prints, screen printings, printworks, towel manufacturers, carpet manufacturers, for plate making in all kinds of sizes as a substitution of traditional laser phototypesetting films.

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